Stamper is ready!

Stamper is ready. Finally 🙂 I would like to announce that the first version of an extension for Alfresco for watermarking and securing PDF documents is available!

Stamper is a quite extensive tool for Alfresco which simplifies watermarking of PDF documents. Basically any form of watermarks is available, not only static watermarks (like JPG, PNG etc. images) are available but also dynamic watermarks (called layers). Layers are SVG files and can change each time you view a document because layers contain control sequences (variables) which will be replaced by their real values upon viewing.

Stamper is not only about watermarking. It can also sign PDF documents and generate electronic signature pages (even with scanned signatures!).

And of course Stamper is quite nicely integrated with Alfresco. It means that you can call it from Alfresco Java API, or JavaScript API or simply use it from Alfresco Explorer GUI.

CMIS support for Stamper as well as Nuxeo version of Stamper is on it’s way!

You can find out more about it on Stamper’s website: