Repoint 0.2.0 released

I have just released a new repoint release, version 0.2.0. Head to the repoint’s github project to get the executables for Linux and Windows. If you would like package for Mac OS please leave a comment and I will add it as well.

What’s new? Well, in the 0.1.0 version I have added a new dialog that shows ACL in a nice and readable way:Selection_059The feature is available from the right click menu from the tree and also from the DQL results viewer. In future this feature will also allow editing of ACLs.

In 0.2.0 I have added one more feature that I had on my TODO list since forever


It is now possible to add a docbroker and a docbase from that docbroker without need to edit You can still use, but if need to quickly connect to a different docbase which is not in your then now it is possible 🙂

If you have ideas, bug reports etc. please use github or comments below to let me know