Bizarre Composer error

Composer is good when it works, but when it stops is a real PITA to understand what is going on. Sometimes cleaning a project helps, sometimes, re-importing does the magic, but sometimes nothing works. Almost.

So I had this issue that a perfectly fine Composer project one day simply stopped building. At all. All I was getting was this error message:

'Dar Install Options Set' of 'Dar Def-Methods' must be set default.dardef /Methods/dar org.eclipse.emf.ecore Problem

Turned out that project settings (upgrade/overwrite etc.) *somehow* vanished from default.dardef file, so I have added it back:

      <location xsi:type="installparameter:FolderParameter" href="urn:com.emc.ide.folderparameter/Dar+Install+Folder?artifactURI=file:/C:/Composer/Methods/Artifacts/Installation%20Parameters/darinstallfolder.parameter#//@dataModel"/>
      <upgradeOption xsi:type="dardef:UpgradeOption"/>

And it started working fine again…

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