cmis-in-batch & Documentum 6.7

I have just pushed changeset which enables Documentum 6.7 support in cmis-in-batch. Generally speaking OpenCMIS supports Documentum 6.7 out of the box, but cmis-in-batch required some additional modifications due to the way how Documentum handles paths to objects. Documentum allows multiple objects with the same name in a single folder and therefore it is impossible to uniquely address an object using a typical path. To solve this problem Documentum uses different path segments, each object name is represented in following form:

with name: 0900000b80001234_docname
without name: 0900000b80001234_

Other limitation of Documentum 6.7 CMIS is that it exposes only CMIS object types (document, folder and relationship) and not custom ones, therefore the fail-when-type function will not work as expected.

You can get the latest source code using Mercurial like this:

hg clone cmis-in-batch 

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