cmis-in-batch & Documentum 6.7

I have just pushed changeset which enables Documentum 6.7 support in cmis-in-batch. Generally speaking OpenCMIS supports Documentum 6.7 out of the box, but cmis-in-batch required some additional modifications due to the way how Documentum handles paths to objects. Documentum allows multiple objects with the same name in a single folder and therefore it is impossible to uniquely address an object using a typical path. To solve this problem Documentum uses different path segments, each object name is represented in following form:

with name: 0900000b80001234_docname
without name: 0900000b80001234_

Other limitation of Documentum 6.7 CMIS is that it exposes only CMIS object types (document, folder and relationship) and not custom ones, therefore the fail-when-type function will not work as expected.

You can get the latest source code using Mercurial like this:

hg clone cmis-in-batch 


I have just uploaded an initial version of tool which tries to simplify data import and manipulation in CMIS enabled repositories.

More details as well as source code (under Apache License 2.0) are available here:

It is still Work In Progress but it works, at least now, with Alfresco. I have just finished installation of Documentum 6.7 with newly added CMIS support and I am going to test it as soon as possible.